Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An exciting announcement!

After lots of hard work and many many many hours sitting and looking at the computer screen... I finally did it!  My website is up and running....

still a work in progress, but it's pretty much done!

Go check it out!!

Thanks <3

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My best friend's bridal portraits!

I have been dying to share my best friend's bridal portraits... because she is sooo gorgeous!  And I finally can!!  

Elise and Matt got married yesterday, and seeing as I was the maid of honor I couldn't photograph her wedding... but I was able to do their engagements (which I posted a while ago) and her bridals!!

We first did a few at Main Street Station where her and Matt were getting married...

 photo IMG_3167_zpsd65a9e76.jpg

 photo IMG_3176_zps21e6c986.jpg photo IMG_3179_zps51e57e14.jpg

 photo IMG_3206_zps11058728.jpg photo IMG_3216_zps74bc916e.jpg

The we went to Cooper's vineyard for the rest... these are my favorites!!

 photo IMG_3245_zps9d2e9aea.jpg photo IMG_3249_zpsc9a28130.jpg

 photo IMG_3260_zps7578825a.jpg

 photo elisebridal1_zps8a1f71dc.jpg photo IMG_3267_zps14edb87f.jpg

 photo IMG_3273_zps9dbdd003.jpg photo IMG_3278_zps16984ce6.jpg

 photo IMG_3279_zps7a18dce0.jpg

 photo IMG_3301_zps4c17c41d.jpg

 photo IMG_3332_zps278f967e.jpg photo IMG_3306_zps60975507.jpg

 photo IMG_3320_zpsbf932b7c.jpg

 photo elisebridals3_zps87e906b4.jpg photo IMG_3337_zps75501fb9.jpg

 photo IMG_3364_zpsb0259bb1.jpg

 photo IMG_3378_zpsdeb7f477.jpg photo IMG_3396_zpsb5d8e93a.jpg

 photo IMG_3393_zps91f77622.jpg

 photo IMG_3408_zpsb168c91a.jpg

 photo IMG_3444_zpsdf889569.jpg

 photo IMG_3433_zps7cc28b87.jpg photo IMG_3452_zpse50c8645.jpg

Congrats to Matt and Elise... and I'm so excited to I got to be a part of their wedding!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lauren & Peter | Married 4.27.13

And here is a little of Lauren and Peter's wedding day!

 photo laurenamppeterwedding3_zpsb873dbdc.jpg

 photo laurenamppeterwedding2_zpsf92f2f6c.jpg

 photo laurenamppeterwedding4_zpsc62c1d24.jpg

Getting her dress on...

 photo laurenamppeterwedding1_zps67be6919.jpg

 photo IMG_2294_zpsd17a110c.jpg photo IMG_2292_zps8e63ff60.jpg

 photo IMG_2298_zps306036b4.jpg photo IMG_2324_zpsbfb77ed8.jpg

 photo IMG_2370_zps4ba87954.jpg photo IMG_2386_zpsd7b801fd.jpg

The first look!! This was so sweet.... I almost cried!

 photo IMG_2401_zps19746d44.jpg

 photo IMG_2405_zpsa395a34c.jpg photo IMG_2408_zps86e1a419.jpg

 photo IMG_2413_zps1fff3157.jpg

 photo IMG_2418_zpsccb2b991.jpg photo IMG_2420_zpsb51665ad.jpg

 photo IMG_2423_zpscd2b1b27.jpg photo IMG_2430_zps1d22b600.jpg

Portrait time!

 photo lamppwedding4_zps10e156d4.jpg

 photo IMG_2452_zps1ea591e1.jpg

 photo IMG_2462_zps8afa0de1.jpg

 photo lamppwedding6_zps9331aa64.jpg

 photo IMG_2466_zps6c2d9eaf.jpg photo lamppwedding7_zps5379bcd6.jpg

 photo IMG_2484_zpsf0da5b5b.jpg photo IMG_2490_zpsb4585e87.jpg

I can't get over how stunning she is!

 photo IMG_2492_zpse5a4cd88.jpg photo IMG_2496_zps82468dd6.jpg

 photo lamppwedding8_zpsc1093d92.jpg photo IMG_2513_zps18d96531.jpg

 photo IMG_2549_zpse86e96b3.jpg photo IMG_2605_zpsf24bd150.jpg

 photo IMG_2604_zps8ee66430.jpg

Waiting for the big moment..

 photo IMG_2672_zpsd3dd926e.jpg

 photo IMG_2669_zps85a50f33.jpg photo IMG_2669_zps85a50f33.jpg

What a fairytale romance and wedding!

 photo IMG_2843_zps574f027d.jpg

I hope you two have fun in China on your honeymoon!
Thanks again for letting capture your special day.

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